About Hung Gar Kung Fu


Hung Gar Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art, known for its powerful, no nonsense fighting system.


The Hung Gar style is a complete system of martial arts. Every part of the body is used for blocks, strikes, grabs, and throws.


It is renowned for its strong stances, powerful techniques and fantastic health benefits, improving posture, breathing, strength and stamina. 

The style is based upon the foundations of eight Stances, five elements & five animals


The Eight main stances

Horse riding stance (mă qí mā)

Mountain stance (Shān mā)

Cross stance (Héng chān mā)

3 Corner stance (Sān jiăo mā)

Cat stance (Māo mā)

Snake stance (Shé mā)

Crane stance (Hè mā)

Dragon stance (Lóng mā)

Five main Elements

Fire (Huŏ)

Water (Shuĭ)

Wood (Mù)

Earth (Ti)

Gold/Metal (Jin)

Five main animals


Tiger (Fú)

Crane (Hok)

Panther/Leopard (Bào)

Snake (Shé)

Dragon (Lóng)

(There are many other animals practiced such as Monkey, Eagle, Phoenix & Mantis)

These together cover every angle of strike and defence.