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Yin Yang
Welcome to the Peninsula Hung Gar Kung Fu Association

Hung Gar Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art, known for its powerful, no nonsense fighting system.


The Hung Gar style is renowned for its strong stances, powerful techniques and fantastic health benefits, improving posture, breathing, strength and stamina.

Lessons teach traditional kung fu excercises, hand and weapon forms,

self defence techniques and Qi Gong excercises  

Class Timetable:
Children's Classes

Children's Classes focus on teaching;


Self defence

Coordination & balance

Improving strength & posture

Listening & self discipline

Building confidence


£2.50 per lesson 

£5 per year membership fee

Adults Classes

Adults Classes focus on teaching;


Self defence

Overall health & fitness

Flexibility, coordination & balance

Improving strength & posture

Self discipline

£5.00 per lesson 

£10 per year membership fee



Our classes suit all ages and abilities from beginners through to experienced martial artists.

Sandbrook Community Centre, 
14 Sunningdale, Chapelhill Road
Moreton, Wirral CH46 9SE
E-mail: wirralhunggarkungfu@gmail.com
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